imanexperiment is the solo project of the hungarian DIY artist Nita, who started to record electronic music in 2014. Stage name refers to experimental music altough the artist likes to describe it as electronic dreampop or spacepop​.

imanexperiment’s music is mostly an etheric dancy mix of many styles and genres with mysterious, ironic and sometimes very personal lyrics. Another interesting fact is that the artist does everything by herself from composing to mixing. Her first ever LP called HOLOGRAM has been released on the 11th of June. She’s having a concert in Prague.

You’ve been introduced to us by Piqi Miqi, our friend and beloved artist. Where did you guys met each other?

He was on a small European tour in early March this year and I was opening for him in Budapest as a local artist. After his concert we started to talk about music and life as a musician in general and it was very easy to get on with him. This is how I heard about CZECHMAG as well.

Are you both into the same kind of music or procedures of music making?

We are creating music in different genres – however I don’t really believe in genre as an artist – but we really like each other’s work and our music making process is similar I think. We both write, produce and perform our own songs. 

You’re from Budapest, Hungary. I love the city and I also think it has a lot of similarities with Prague. Have you been in Prague already?

Yes, I had a quick visit last summer. I had the chance to give a gig on the riverside of Vltava and it was a beautiful experience for me. I had a little time to be with the organiser of that concert and a Czech friend of mine and I fell in love with the city centre so much. I was amazed how the riverside is involved in cultural life with its colourful ships and cafes and bars. We don’t have anything like that in Budapest unfortunately. After I came home the next day I just wanted to go back and I knew that sooner or later I will.

You’re having a concert 27th April in Prague – by the way that’s why we’re introducing you to czech audience and our readers. Could you tell us something more about the gig or is there something you’d like to tell us about yourself?

I can’t wait to be there. I will be the opener of a Hungarian band called Black Nail Cabaret. They are on tour and they asked me if I can join them on the 28th. My music is very atmospheric and melodic filled with airy vocals and a little weirdness in a good way. I like to call it experipop or spacepop since I use a lot of spacey effects as well. All the songs that I will play are on my latest album named HOLOGRAM.

What was the best spot where you had a chance to perform?

Last year I gave a gig to a handful of lovely people on a very pretty rooftop in Wien while the sun was going down behind my back. It was dope.

You started to record electronic music in 2014. What has changed during this time when talking about electronic music?

My knowledge for sure. Since then I graduated from a music production school and now I am changing my whole live setup as well. I’ve just bought a new crossover synth and on my next album I will use much more analog instruments as well. HOLOGRAM was mainly digital. I recorded and mixed the whole stuff at home.  

Thanks for the interview. We’re looking forward to your gig in Prague. See you there!

Thank you very much for the chance.

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