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Where to experience literally inner catharsis, connected with the experience of art? On Saturday. At Břevnov Monastery.

I am Houba and this weekend we will share with you a report from Katarze – audiovisual event inside of the Břevnov Monastery. How did the idea and connection of Czech and foreign conceptual artists actually originate? We are here with an interview.

Try to describe the event in 3 words.

Eccentric – vivid – stimulating.

What sort of emotion would one leave it?

Intrigued, with a sense of desire for more, but most importantly renewed.

Now try it more extensively, what people can look forward to, and what is the main idea, what is Karaze related to?

The purpose of this event is to be felt like a little village, where you can be free to feel your emotions without judgement. We understand that not everyone releases their tension the same way. For some it’s by music – hearing a melody that guides them to feel at ease which is something we strongly believe the Hamburg techno sounds really do. For others, its art – finding something in an art piece that leads us to question boundaries that we hadn’t even questioned in our own sense of reality. And, for some, its meditation – being through writing or through having a guided session meditation. At Katarze, these three elements come together to help you explore all your senses. 

On top of all of that, there will be pop-up stands from different businesses. We want to do our best and give back to the community by helping them amid this Covid situation. 

So what can people look forward to? One word – EVERYTHING.

Why did you choose the setting of the monastery?

Without a doubt, Prague is an exceptionally unique city. For the Katarze team, it’s the golden city which gives you the chance to access one of a kind, big, old, architectonic buildings, with the roots of history. The energy that we felt the moment we walked into Brevnov, it was something out of this world. We knew this place was magical from the start, especially knowing that it’s the oldest Monastery in what used to be the Bohemian Kingdom. And that’s what we love. Connecting a beautiful place that holds history, with Techno and Art. It symbolizes yin and yang, a clean space with something that is dark and underground.

Why not the urbex environment that is typical of techno? Will it be ecstasy in connection with the classicist environment? Is there any connection to antiquity and catharsis? Return? To contrast with modern installations?

Well it depends how many boundaries we want to push. Our first event was in Nuselsky Pivovar, where we took this as the most urbex environment we could find and the beauty of that was that this venue would most probably not be standing there within a year or so. It was the last time to make this building come to life. 

One of Katarze’s goals is to always be in a new venue so our followers can always expect something new and eccentric. The aim is for our supporters to always be surprised and set another level of expectation for them.

Is the justification for underlining the historic building = space for an exhibition ?

In our concept, highlighting the building is one of three equally important essential components – music, historical building and art. Genius loci or energy of the specific place is always at the beginning of our vision.

How do you work in the environment of Czech culture? And with Czech artists in general?

The art scene is specific and is constantly evolving. We see the bright potential of all the young artists starting their careers here and giving them a unique space to showcase their projects is something we strive for. It’s bringing their awareness and visibility that is important to us, there is so much potential and creativity in this city that we want the whole world to see. On top of that, with the diversity of our team, we aim to also bring some international artists to the Czech republic. We’ll be exhibiting our first artwork from Oscar Negret at this event, Colombian/American artists.

You searched for exhibiting artists using open call. But did you have someone you wanted to have at the event from the beginning?

Actually, yes. We approach every event differently based on the energy of each building. From the beginning, we knew we would like to work with lines and geometry, and that the sculptures or site-specific would suit this place more than anything else. We knew we wanted to work with Michal Motyčka. His art usually intervenes in public and sometimes even sacred spaces through mediums like glass, light and water.

Why the name of Katarze (catharsis)? What is its justification?

Katharsis in greek, means “purification”,”cleansing”, or “clarification”; referred to the purification and purgation of emotions—particularly pity and fear—through art or any extreme change in emotion that results in renewal and restoration.  This is precisely our goal: to create a place and atmosphere where people can forget their troubles, cleanse their minds and find their inner peace.

You write that people should leave with a sense of purification of their souls. What do you wish to visitors?

What sets Katarze different is the energy behind Katarze Events comes from different parts of the globe. But with the same  inspiration, love, and respect for the techno culture. We feel and see the sweet melody when music and art are both aligned.

We are an international group of people and that reflects in our creation – blending the dark and deep roots of the German – Hamburg vibe with the flare and spice of Miami.

A sweet escape.

Thank you for the interview and wish you all the best and that event leaves in people souls what it should simply have – from the whole members of Czechmag.

Tickets are available through GoOut.net.

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