The city is finally starting to install signs prohibiting Segway vehicles, the Technical Administration of Communications (TSK) confirmed.

A ban on the two-wheel self balancing vehicles was approved in July and technically started in August, but could not be enforced due to the lack of signs in the affected area. The law required that signs signifying a ban be placed where the ban is in effect. The city, however, failed to order the new signs from the proper city departments and failed to provide funds to post them.

City Hall on Nov. 24 approved a measure allowing the signs to go up. The first one will go up Nov. 25 at Hradčany, near the Pražský hrad (Prague Castle) tram stop at Jelení and U Prašného mostu streets.

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Residents had long complained to City Hall about the Segway tours in the city center. The vehicles move quickly on the sidewalks, making it difficult to walk downtown. Tour guides were also sometimes aggressive in approaching potential customers. Operators opposed the ban, saying there were just a few bad operators spoiling the situation for everyone else.


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